Testing visible parts is our profession !

Abrasion and friction resistance tests

Our technical team has all the equipment required for reproducing everyday damage.
This may be mechanical: repeated friction, scratch resistance and paint adhesion tests.
Or chemical: perspiration or common chemical product resistance tests.

All standard material characterization tests
(tensile, hardness, Charpy shock, Vicat temperature and density tests, etc.)

All characterisation tests for volatile organic compounds (VOC),
undesirable compounds and formaldehyde.

All resistance tests for fuels and chemical products
not toxic by inhalation (for example, heat ageing immersion tests).

Endurance and mechanical resistance tests
according to customer specifications

Vibration tests
Overview of standard tests
 DIN 60068-2-70
Effacement des marquages - Essais type Abrex
 ISO 105-E03
Solidité des teintures à l'eau chlorée
 ISO 105-E04
Solidité des teintures à la sueur
 ISO 105-X12
Solidité des teintures aux frottements
 ISO 14327
Abrasion du cuir - Méthode Taber
 VDA 621-424
Scratch resistance using Crockmeter