Testing visible parts is our profession !

Advice on ageing tests

Our experience enables us to advise you on the current standards to be followed and the ageing periods associated with your application.
Furthermore, another of our assets is designing, manufacturing and adapting our equipment to your specific testing needs.
• We propose tests using a standard base to try and reproduce customer-reported defects.

• We will discuss with you the best method to use for quantifying any damage observed.

Do you have full validation plan
to be produced?

We can offer you a rapid and detailed schedule of all your tests from the quote stage onwards; and as soon as the parts are received, one of our technicians will contact you in person.

Short of time?

No problem, we shall be able to help...

Do you wish to forecast the long-term
behaviour of your parts?

We can offer the appropriate normative solution and advise you on the ageing periods to apply.

Looking for a reliable,
friendly and flexible team?

You have found one! Read on so that we can convince you...